Delucian Defense Initiative

The Power behind MinaX on Europa

- DDi Real Life PiX -

The Disclaimer goes like this - some of this page links to pictures put up by the members on their own web-space.. obviously if these links go down or change we will do our best to update it. Not all DDi will want to post up RL pix here.. so dont expect a full membership list of mugshots *grin* and the site is still VERY 'under-development' in both content and format.

Hatchet Harry [GM] [Don of Delucia, DDi]

Jerusalem Man & Dorien Hawkmoon [Eternal Champion, DDi]

Sylvia [Remind me of ur title pls, DDi]

Merlin [Dutch Insanity, DDi]

Pandora [Archer of, DDi]

Akasha [Looks suspiciously Innocent in. DDi]

MadkillerX / ReVeNGe [Yes I am Evil. DDi]

Maruis / Father Ted [Im a girl RL, DDi]

David [Tamer of, DDi]

Myst [Looks suspiciously Cute in, DDi]

Danyal [Naughty but Nice, Del]

Catweazle [Mad Mage, DDi]

Grimwolf [The Noble Murderer, DDi]

Silver Fox [SmOkE MaChiNe, DDi]

Jed [Sheriff of DDi]

Dais da Dammed / Method Man [Run Jerry Run!, DDi]

BraveDuke [Minax Vs the Shard, DDi]

GoodGuy/KaDoosz [Lizard Master, DDi]

Vince/Revenge Char/Dragoris [Dutch Doods in, DDi]

- MinaX Guests -

NoCanDo [Bleeker's lil help, IOU]

If you want to add your mugshot to our gallery....

ICQ Harry, the basic format is the same for all the pages, one or two paperdolls of your faction char(s) submitted as bitmaps (or meet me in-game to take screenies myself), to be edited into transparent Gif's and a jpg of your real-life-self. If you wanna put up more than this (like on Harrys Pix), nps, but you will have to find the web-space yourself (tho pls steal our background gif), and we will link you from the gallery direct to your site.

You can also select a midi of your choice if you dont like the default one ;-)