Midi Files

Here are a few Midi files from the various pages on the site - the Kewldewd themes of the past present and future, and a few more that haven't been used for anything yet. Don't expcet many of these files to sound good on crap sound cards - they wont. The better the card, the better the midi playback.

007 Theme - 1492 - Aces High - Africa

American Pie - Axel's Theme - Bad to the Bone - Battlestar Gallactica Theme

Another one Bite the Dust - Painted Black - Blue Savannah - Bohemian Rapsody

Another brinck in the Wall - Brothers in Arms - Cat in the Cradle - Dangerous Minds

Chariots of Fire - Betty Davis Eyes - Fear of the Dark

The Good the Bad and the Ugly - Fields of Gold

House of the Rising Sun - Indiana Jones Theme - Jump

Motal Kombat Theme - Mission Impossible Theme - Never Ending Story

One Vision - Pink Panther Theme - Puppets - Respect - Rocky Theme

Revelations - Scatman - She's Magic - Smoke on the Water - Soul Man

Starwars (1) - Starwars (2) - Stop - Terminator II Theme - Eye of the Tiger

Titanic - Titanic (Techno Mix) - Trooper - Land Down Under

Unforgiven - Miami Vice Theme - Bad - Walking on the Moon

Werewolf in London - Wipe-out - Wonderwall

Relax - Two Tribes

Any of these can be linked from the Real Life Pictures site, so if you wanna pick a different tune on your page, let me know, its real easy to change them over - this is the main reason i posted them up here anyways ;-)